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Blog Post Header Images Collection 6

It's been a while since my last blog post header images collection. Now it's time to make collection #6. I love using images in my blog post. It allows me to express my idea about the post quick and make the points.

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FastLane to my dream
Image Source: Sepia Porsche #1 Courtesy Of: DavidHT
This is the perfect blog post image for my new fast lane plan. It's all about helping local business grow while enjoy my life style. You can read more about it at Change to fast lane in one year.

I wish
Image Source: how to pray the japanese way Courtesy of kalandrakas
I was so pissed off by auto insurance company - AllStates. I felt that I am no longer on the good hands. What they advertised on the TV is not what they claim to be. It sucks that I have to fight for my rights. So I wish that I am rich and have much more power that I can fight against the big corporation. You can read more about my wishes at I wish.

Internet Bubbles
Image Source: cosmic soap bubbles Courtesy of woodleywonderworks
I was reaching to a point where I need to re-think about my entrepreneur plan. I have done a lot of research to find my goal of my journey. There are some secret formula that can help me reach my goal. Read more about that at The greater challenge + The unique opportunity = The secret to the success.

Sailing Alone
Image Source: Morning Do, Courtesy Of FreeWine
This is part of my serial weekend confession. Weekend Confession 11 - Where I was? Where will I be?

Image Source: Sunrise Paddling on the North Canadian River Courtesy of FreeWine
Another weekend confession. Weekend Confession 10 - moving on.

Light Up
Image Source: WhiteMenorah Courtesy of oskay
While doing my online business, I realized that the most difficult part of online business is Internet Marketing. Without a good marketing strategies, you won't succeed in the online business world. However, Internet marketing is not something very difficult to do. If you do it right, it won't cost you a lot. Read more about my post at DIY Internet Marketing - let’s play like adult!

Image Source: the law Courtesy of losiek
I bought a book not a while back, because of the needs to do Internet Marketing myself. The books is very helpful for self-motivated entrepreneur to start their own Internet marketing adventure. You can read my review about the book at DIY Internet Marketing - Learn from the expert.

That Way
Image Source: Lt. General Rochambeau Courtesy of dbking
My weekend confession about my entrepreneur journey. Finding the right direction of my journey is what it is all about. Weekend Confession 9 - am I heading to the right direction?
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