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Blog Post Header Image - Collection 3

Image Source: Playing with some coloured pencils - This image has been enhanced.
What color is your blog? Does your blog using post header image? I lost track how long ago when I start using blog post image header in my blog post. I am addicted to the header images these days.
This post is to continue my previous 2 collections of blog post header images. I have decided to move the image collections from my The Internet Entrepreneur Diary blog to this blog. So my entrepreneur diary blog will look cleaner. I started getting some traffic to this blog from search engines. I can see more people are leaning how to make their own blog post header image. Look like using blog post header image has become a new trend of blogging. More and more bloggers are using these tricks to make their blog post more interesting.

Here are my previous 2 blog post header image collections. Enjoy it and remember to read what the image has to say.

Visit the Header Image Collection page for more awesome header images for your blog ...

Still chasing the happiness? Why not share it?

Chasing Happiness
Image Source: felicidad - This image is chopped.


Are you singing alone on your entrepreneur journey?

On Stage
Image Source: Matthew Good - Fredericton. This image is modified and artificially enhanced. See it on My Photo Blog.


Are you a romantic entrepreneur with sexy instinct? Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas!

Romantic Couple
Image Source: Pam & Mark - This image has been modified and artificially enhanced. See it on My Photo blog.

I do follow! Do you?
Catch me if you can!
Image Source: Catch me if you can! - This image is modified from the original “follow me” I took in Mexico.


YiLan Taiwan - A great place to enjoy the nature

Image Source: YiLan, Taiwan by Me - This image has been enhanced!

Microsoft! Don’t touch my flickr!

Image Source: Microfuckr - This image has been distributed on the Internet

Happiness is both the trigger and the result of your happy life

Image Source: Happy - This image has been modified and enhanced

Make your blog unique with blog Header Image - SVENSWORLD

Image Source: Svensworld Header - Blog: Living in Svenworld


Who are you writing blog for? Simply don’t take it personally.

Image Source: never to be seen again - This image has been cropped, and fixed.

Does sexy image drive your business forward? Spice up your Valentine’s revenue!

Image Source: White Ligth… - This image has been cropped, rotated and enhanced.


Choose your blog post header image with imagination

Image Source: a touch of Springtime - This image has been cropped and enhanced.

Introduce the fine fashion jewelry for Valentine’s Day Gift shopping

Image Source: donne_duh duh duh! - This image has been chopped, flipped and enhanced.

Why do you need a blog for you e-commerce online store

Image Source: Support - This image has been chopped and enhanced

Who is the key reason of John Chow’s success?

Image Source: Best wedding cake dolls ever. The image has been chopped


A life long journey from nothing to something! Thank you!

Image Source: Solitude

You have gone this far to read the whole list of blog post header images, why not leave your suggestion about my collections? Your feedback is very important to me. It helps me write a better quality content. Thank you and looking forward to seeing your comments.
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